Types of Templates and their Definition

Types of Templates and their Definition – Before we discuss the types of templates, we must first know what a template is. A template is a file that serves as a starting point for a new document based on conclusions that I read from a site. The template or the easier word is a place that usually has space for the name and address in the upper left corner, and the area for the recipient’s address is a little below the left. And the area for the message body below and the place for signature is at the bottom right.

Types of Templates and their Definition

And for those of you who want to create a website templates are usually available, so you are easier to set it up and if you are a website design then you can change the template that you think is better than the template that is in the default. And if you are new or just learning you can use an existing template from that website.

Types and types of template names

Below there are several types of templates that you can know of, namely:

1. Programming Template
A template program is a general class or unit of code which can be used as a basis for unique code units.

2. Web Design Template
Design templates are to help design the overall design of the web pages that you want to create.

3. Spreadsheet and Database Templates
A template database is usually in the form of a blank form that shows which fields are present, their location, and several lenders.

3. Word Processor Template
Word templates are usually used to replace worksheets and style sheets that are usually found in Microsoft Word.

4. DOS Template
Dos template is a command and here dos uses template term named command, like for buffer.

5. Keyboard template
Keyboard templates are usually in the form of plastic or paper placed above the keyboard to show the meaning of the various buttons.

6. E-Mail Template
Templates or e-mail templates are used to provide structure for each e-mail sent from a campaign application.